Wastewater Treatment

Applied Science, Inc. works with facilities in-house staff to identify waste streams volume and characteristics.

Through characterization of waste streams we first identify possible areas where in-plant operations can be modified to minimize treatment needs. Second, treatment options are identified and cost estimates for capital and O&M are evaluated to help our clients determine the best treatment alternative for each facility. Third, implementation of projects are phased when possible to make capital investment less burdensome, and more importantly so that changes in plant production and associated wastewater stream management can translate into optimizing final treatment operations.

As a treatment system is being planned, constructed and operated, we believe its important to share the background science and our experience that provides the basis for treatment system operation. Ultimately the facility owners and operators have the knowledge and confidence to be self sufficient in management of the treatment system and are able to educate others about its processes and performance.

Our goal is to provide you
wastewater treatments systems that:

Maintain environmental protection

Meet client specific needs

Provide economical treatment

Simplify operation

Minimize maintenance

Limit exposure

ASI works with you to find the
best method of waterwaste treatment

  • Conventional / Mechanical Treatment

  • Activated sludge

  • Aerated/Facultative lagoons

  • Aeration and mixing systems design

  • Anaerobic Lagoons

  • Anaerobic Suspended/Fixed Media

  • Clarification and screening

  • Conveyance / Distribution Systems (Pumps, Piping, etc.)

  • Digesters

  • Equalization / Pretreatment

  • Fixed Biological Media

  • Membrane Bio-reactors (MBRs)

  • Suspended Solids Removal

  • Stabilization ponds

  • Soil / Natural Treatment

  • Sprayfield

  • Ridge & Furrow / Terrace

  • Absorption Cells

  • Landspreading

  • Physical / Chemical Treatment

  • Phosphorus / Metals removal

  • Chlorination / de-chlorination

  • Hardness / iron treatment

  • Ultra-filtration / reverse osmosis

  • Ion exchange

  • Activated carbon

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